Over the past 10 years there has been a great influx of CNC wood working machines and essentially in the past all spindles would have had to be sent back to Europe. We now offer the same service without leaving the country and at a fraction of the cost.

We know as well as anyone that in any manufacturing business efficiency is king. To us, efficiency means the best price, with the quickest turn around, at the highest quality by providing a 6 month guarantee on all spindle services .

If a factory machine were a human, then the spindle would be the heart, and we all know how much productivity decreases when a heart breaks, or worse, stops working entirely.
We know that it’s not good enough to simply repair the spindle so that the machine limps along until the next break down.
That is why during spindle repair we not only replace bearings but we give the spindle a complete overhaul. Consider it a spindle health check, if you will.

This overhaul includes:
• All components are checked, hard chrome plated and reground.
• Electrical testing for motorised spindles
• All components of clamp assembly and clamp piston are checked and repaired
• Clamp forces are checked to ensure sufficient clamping of tooling
• Spindle is balanced pre and post assembly to obtain a perfectly balanced unit
• Spindles are run in until we are satisfied they are ready to go back into production.

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